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Here at Studio 9 London Escorts we know very we’ll what is going on behind the scenes of domination sex around the capital. Our Domination London escorts have been involved in many actions around here and know the game from top to bottom. We are trying in this article to open the doors and tell you some inside, behind the scenes things that you might not know but actually help you to make the choice to which agency or website to go to book Domination escorts in London.

A girl that work with us called Jasmin as a domination London escorts has joined us to help open up the secrets of BDSM also known as dominatrix sex. She together with other five girls from Studio 9 London escorts went behind the scenes of a porn movie about BDSM and watched all the materials that have been shot already. Being a domination sex addict herself and working as domination London escorts for years she says in front of us what she has realized after getting all that experience and comparing it to the porn movies about BDSM.

Gloria has started watching domination sex videos when she was just 12 years old. Her mind was obsessed with sex and BDSM since that young age. Since she had her first laptop computer she typed in the words “sex”, “BDSM” and “domination escorts”. Then she started watching all sort of videos and films that involve not just sexual activity but also BDSM, ball busting and all sort of domination sex. And this was her self-thought sexual education during her teenage years. And that was also the only sexual education that she got from anywhere.

Later she made a profession out of it and now earns a great amount of cash working as a domination London escorts for Studio 9 London Escorts. We can add here that she is really well educated on the topic and have great experience that she enjoys sharing with her customers. Her price of course is like all our regular price for domination London escorts and doesn’t cost much to the regular person of London.

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One of the most popular domination London escorts of our company says that as a teenager she was ashamed that she is into dominatrix, domination sex and ball busting. Watching porn in general was shame and she felt the need to hide it from everyone. She never shared that she likes watching these things but knew that some day she will actually try it in real life. None of her friends new and she never opened up to talk about ball busting or domination sex with her friends. It was a taboo for girls to masturbate at that time and she was hiding that too.

But she always knew that she wanted to try domination sex and when she actually did she liked it so much that needed more and more of it. That is how Jasmin became domination London escorts. She loves her job and to this day works it every night in the capital of Britain, probably the place where dominatrix escorts are in demand.

She shared with us that when she was 16 and still not domination London escorts or any sort of London escorts, she tried sex for the first time. It was a regular act and nothing to do with BDSM, which may be why it was boring and not so excited for her. But the strange true is that during the sexual act she didn’t really got excited or even turned on. And she knows that because she had many times experienced sexual excitement from porn movies and especially from domination London escorts and movies with them. At that point she thought that watching BDSM movies and dominatrix films may be bad for her real, actual sex life.

Later in her life when she started working as domination London escorts she realized that movies are not the reality and have nothing to do with the real way of making dominatrix sex. Ball busting looks painful and very dangerous in movies, but done by a professional domination escorts in London it will be painful again, but not dangerous. It will bring the joy of pain in the partner, but won’t be dangerous for his health. Ball busting by the way probably is the most popular of BDSM and most dangerous, but not with domination London escorts like Jasmin.

She used to look for help and information in forums and blogs online, but most of them were directed to men and their addiction to porn movies, BDSM and sex with domination London escorts. She never found any women who are physically addicted to sex movies or the fantasies of being domination escorts in London. Jasmin just stopped watching these movies with ball busting and so on and after a couple of months she felt a change in her body.

Then she started really enjoying sex in real life and dominatrix was the next step, which she made by becoming domination London escorts. It has happened in her 20s and she never regret about choosing her life to be in this industry.

What these BDSM movies have thought her about the woman’s role in sex turned out to be completely untrue and twisted image of the reality. When she had sex for the first time she stopped and thought “wait you don’t get orgasm from penetration” she realized that it all happens in our brains. All the BDSM, ball busting and dominatrix sex with domination London escorts is just enhancing the brain and it gives the body the joy of orgasm. That is why sex with domination London escorts doesn’t have to be physically painful, it just have to play with your brain to raise the excitement to a new level of sexual pleasures.

But sex education from movies or learning about the BDSM from porn is a wrong approach and can be dangerous for the health of the learner. It is twisted, it looks more painful an if done without the knowledge, experience and care would hurt someone.

Jasmin shared with Studio 9 London escorts that porn with dominatrix sex has thought her the wrong way of the role of woman. But going behind the scenes of a porn movie and watching the work in progress gave her a real image of the industry. Starting work as domination London escorts she got a lot of experience and fully enjoy the BDSM while with customers. All that experience, trying, failing and trying again together with the help of other domination escorts in Studio 9 London Escorts, she is now a pro and can even work as a consultant in movies that want to try and present the true about ball busting and BDSM.

We share the opinion of many domination London escorts that porn and watching BDSM movies shouldn’t be a taboo and they might be very important to some people who don’t have other sexual contacts. But the shame that you can feel of watching such movies can be dangerous. What you can see on the screen, when watching such movies can set peoples mind in the wrong way regarding sexuality, sex and race and this is dangerous. The message that these movies bring should be more responsible.

If you are interested to more in BDSM, ball busting, dominatrix sex and anything similar, we from Studio 9 London Escorts are ready to hook you up with the right domination London escorts. Our domination escorts are experienced, sexy and knowledgeable. The price of all our escorts per hour is just £100 per hour. Call us to book a session with some of the greatest domination London escorts.

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