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When a person thinks or hear the world fetish he is imagining black leather, straps, handcuffs, whips. Fetishes are even the intense pleasure of staring boobs or long legs, or just feet. Regarding the domination and domination escorts in London it is not just that. Fetish is described as a behaviour that someone can not sexually aroused without and it is also used to describe a sexual arousal of not a typical sexual object.

There are many words that are used for basically the same thing – Dominatrix, Domination, Bondage BDSM. They all refer to the type of pleasure reached from mental, physical or emotional domination from one person over another. It is a common fetish, mostly know as BDSM, the abbreviation comes from Bondage, Discipline, Domination and Submission or Sadomasochism. Domination escorts are mostly associated with the sex fetish, but it doesn’t necessary include sex. The most important is that in that sort of service the Domination escorts in London is taking the power and control of the customer who gets aroused by the shameful or even forbidden emotions.

The Domination escorts of Stuio9LondonEscorts are professionals and know the boundaries that they can’t cross. They know how to deliver pleasure with domination, dominatrix, bondage, ball busting and other similar but to keep themselves safe and being responsible for the customers health too. London domination escorts are able to satisfy your fetish in BDSM and will do this for the regular price of the services. You can see the prices of London dominatrix escorts in the profiles of the girls.

Domination sex delivers high levels of erotic stimulation but also pain and shameful emotions for both the customer and the London domination escorts. This can be dangerous in physical but also in mental ways, so the London escorts and their customers who are practising BDSM have to be very careful and to ensure they don’t hurt each other. Domination escorts in London are expected to be aware of their customers emotional and physical state through the whole process because the men enjoying this service may become very unaware of the danger for themselves isolated by the high endorphins of sexual and pain stimulation.

When we think of kinky sex and BDSM many would say that domination sex with a London domination escorts is kinky and it involves erotic exchange of power through dominance. People often have more than one fetish in BDSM and they get them all satisfied with our domination escorts in London at www.studio9londonescorts.co.uk. Some examples are light spanking, ball busting, or when the lady is dressed as a schoolgirl and the partner is a teacher or even older professor. In such a game of BDSM it involves role play and more that only a professional domination escorts in London can do. The girls really have to be trained and practiced to handle the role and deliver pleasure to her customer.

Impact play with London domination escorts

Stunning Blonde Domination Escorts

This sort of BDSM with London domination escorts can be spanking, paddling, flogging, ball busting and other things that have an impact and their goal is to hurt. The level of pain have to be decided beforehand for safety reasons. Spanking usually is the easiest of all BDSM and is also the safest entry point for newbies that can let you explore more of the fetish by purchasing some toys. Impact play with London domination escorts can be from as little thing as a slap on the bum to a smack of a leather whip, which leaves red marks.

With every domination game with  our bdsm escorts you have to negotiate how far you and she can go. The safety and comfort are the most important thinks to our ladies. You as well have to do you research and be ready for an impact play before booking domination escorts in London through Studio9LondonEscorts. Discuss how intensive you would enjoy the impact to be and select a safe word which if used everything stops. Use only the parts of your body that have no organs behind the skin, such places are the ass, the thighs and so on. A word of advice before investing in expensive BDSM toys, try it with your hands only. Our London domination escorts actually have some toys that can be brought with them if you are interested to try. Examples are the leather clothes, paddle or a whip.

The Domination With Role-Playing

When you grow and become an adult doesn’t mean you have to stop playing roles and enjoying the fun in live. Role-playing simply means you and the domination escorts in London are getting in some pre-discussed roles and acting out through the booking. Everyone have a sexual fantasy with some fiction lady. You may not find exactly that girl in life and you may find it very hard to be with her. But when you book a sexy girl from our London domination escorts you could ask her to play a role and satisfy a sexual fantasy of yours. For example if you ever dreamed of being slapped by the nurse and being told what to do, how to take your clothes off and then touched in a specific way, checked for temperature and so on. You could book London domination escorts at www.studio9londonescorts.co.uk and discuss it with them over the phone, prepare them for your fantasy. Then they will be ready and get in the role straight from the door. It will feel like the nurse is making a home visit and tells you what to do, before things get more sexual. The difference is that in practice the nurse won’t do this and also you have to be very lucky to get a sexy nurse, while our domination escorts in London are all sexy, hot and even stunning. Go on and check our gallery, there you will find some of the sexiest domination escorts in London.

Foot Fetish is another domination escorts speciality

The foot fetish involves a sexual desire to worship women’s feet for example massaging feet, kissing them or smelling them. As professional domination escorts Lily has told us that nowadays this is an extremely common fetish. If you are into foot dominatrix by simply booking a domination escorts from us you can satisfy it by exploring a wide variety of sexy beautiful feet. Almost all of our escorts are delivering this service as they all have pretty feet and are happy if someone wants to worship them.

Bondage – tied up by stunning escorts in London

Bondage is Sexy

Bondage is a domination play when one of the partners is restrained by the other and then sexually teased and pleased. It is one of the most famous form of domination and BDSM. The thing here is that you really need to trust the other one and with London domination escorts from us you can. But of course you will probably need few dates at least to get to know and trust each other before getting in to bondage. The fear here is that you can be left tied up, but that won’t happen with Studio9 Domination escorts. They can restrain you with a simple tie, belt that you already have or if told beforehand they can bring some more specialized items like handcuffs. To play this safely with London domination escorts, the lady will establish some boundaries and safe word.

Domination and Group Sex

Everyone knows that a group sex means enjoying sexually with more than one partner at the same time. If you’ve ever used Tinder, you’ve probably noticed that there are couples who are searching for a third, but group sex may not be limited to just a threesome. An orgy with few of the girls from London domination escorts can be organized at your address almost any night. You just need to book in advance and discuss the details. We will coordinate all the girls to be there at the same time. Here it is important to know the difference between a group sex and gangbang. While in group sex a group of people of all genders have sex, in a gangbang usually one person is having sex with more than two members of the other gender. So in practice if you are alone and book few London domination escorts from Studio9 London escorts you will have a gangbang. I know it sounds frightening, but in practice you will be fucked by a group of sexy girls, if that is not a domination sex I don’t know what is.

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